New York Audio Productions Post-Production


Our Editors know the spoken word and the best edits go unnoticed. Be it a kids read-a-long, commercial fiction, ESL program or foreign language repeat exercises, our editors know the correct pausing and timing from the get go.


Whether it is a book that requires a music score, original songs or an educational project that contains a sing-a-long, we have award-winning composers suited to meet these needs. Check out some of our samples.

Sound Design / EFX

Some projects require elaborate EFXs that create a special world for the narration and pieces are best suited for one voice to bring to life. Our sound design specialists will literally find the right mix. We have an extensive sound library, can location record and Foley for that must have sound.

Mastering and the Mix

Mastering perfects the project and lays the track. Mixing all the components with great care is what separates our productions from the rest. Once the mastering is complete we can deliver in virtually any format, CD, MP3, Cassette (some still want), WAV, AIFF, etc.

New York Audio Productions Post-Production